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Wengeler & Kalthoff - Werkzeuge für Bergbau, Hüttenindustrie und Bauindustrie

Wengeler & Kalthoff - Werkzeuge für Bergbau, Hüttenindustrie und Bauindustrie

Wengeler & Kalthoff machining and metal working:
maximum workpiece dimensions

The Wengeler & Kalthoff machine-shop can handle individual workpieces with gross weights of up to 500 kg, though items weighing a maximum of 1 tonne can be accepted by arrangement.

The following maximum workpiece dimensions apply to metal cutting and machining operations:

Ø max [mm] Ø min [mm] max. length [m] min. length [mm]
Sawing/parting Ø 320 ./. 6 5
Turning Ø 430 Ø 8 10 10
Milling Ø 1200 Ø 10 4 10
Boring Ø 50 Ø 2 8 10
Grinding Ø 350 ./. 0,8 ./.
Deep drilling Ø 35 Ø 6 0,6 ./.

We also undertake the following machining operations for which no specific limits are given in the above table:
  • thread cutting
  • polygon turning
  • contour copying
  • whirling.

Wengeler & Kalthoff can perform the following non-cutting forming and shaping operations:
  • Forming on horizontal punching presses or collar and head punching machines operating at pressures of up to 200 t.
  • Hammer and die forging workpieces up to max. 25 kg in weight.
  • Winding and twisting of long items up to 3.4 m in length and up to 45 in diameter.
  • Shot peening items up to 25 kg in weight.
  • Straightening of shafts etc. using alignment machines delivering a maximum pressure force of 30 t.
  • Shielded arc welding (autogenous and WIG welding).
Our hardening shop can anneal, harden and temper workpieces measuring up to 4 m in length using gas/electric furnaces and induction heating equipment.

Access to a wide range of manufacturing and machining facilities allows Wengeler & Kalthoff to operate with great flexibility and achieve short turnround times while maintaining the highest standards based on the DIN 9004 quality management system.

Please come and discuss your requirements, even if your workpiece dimensions lie outside the values specified above.

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